Workflow Process

Letter Management Guide

Workflow Process

After you submit the Send a Letter wizard in Letter Management > Distribution, the letter enters a workflow. The workflow can include one or more levels of approval where users can review and approve the letter form in Message Center.

When approvers open the approval request in Message Center, Dayforce displays a read-only version of the form. They can download attachments in the letter if their role has access to the necessary document types.

Note the following about approver responses:

  • If an approver denies the letter form in the workflow, the letter isn't sent to the employee. The letter status is also set to Workflow Rejected in Letter Management > Distribution. If needed, you can resubmit the letter by clicking Send a Letter and submitting a new wizard, which will start a new workflow.
  • When they approve the letter form, and the workflow is processed, the system sends the letter to the employee. The status of the letter is updated to Sent in Letter Management > Distribution.