Upload Candidate Offer Documents

Letter Management Guide

Upload Candidate Offer Documents

After you've given the necessary roles access to the Candidate Offer document type, you can start uploading documents to the system. You must upload offer letter documents in Recruiting Setup > Offer Documents, which is a dedicated feature for managing offer documents.

In this feature, you can click a file name to download any file that's already been uploaded.

Note: Offer documents can be uploaded only in the Offer Documents feature of Recruiting Setup; they can’t be uploaded in the Document Explorer feature of Documents. Further, these documents aren't included in disc space calculations.

Note the following about granting access to the Offer Documents feature:

  • To enable this feature for your and other administrator roles, select the Recruiting Setup > Offer Documents role feature in the Features tab of System AdminRoles.
  • To upload, and otherwise manage, offer documents in the Offer Documents feature, your role must have Create, Read, Update, and Delete access to the Offer Document document type.
  • If you have only Read access, you can still access offer documents, but you can't upload or delete them. Moreover, if you don't have Read access, you won't see any offer documents and Dayforce displays a message indicating that you don't have the necessary access.

Upload Documents

To upload documents:

  1. Go to Recruiting Setup > Offer Documents.
  2. Click Add. The Add Offer Document(s) dialog box appears.
  3. Click Add File and select the files that you want to upload.
  4. Click Upload.

Delete Offer Documents

You can delete offer letter documents from the Offer Documents feature any time, including documents other users uploaded.

If a recruiter has already attached a document to an offer letter in Recruiting, and you delete the document from the system, it remains attached and available for the particular offer letter. However, it isn't available to attach to other offers going forward.

When you delete a file, the document can’t be attached to any more offers, and any offers that the document is already attached to will be able to view it.