The Attachments Tab

Letter Management Guide

The Attachments Tab

Note: The Attachments tab in Letter Management > Template Designer is used for uploading documents that are used in employment letter templates. To upload documents for use in recruitment letter templates, upload them in Recruiting Setup > Offer Documents. See Upload Candidate Offer Documents.

Before You Begin: To use this tab, your role must have access to the Letter Attachments document type in Documents > Admin > Document Types. See Configure the Letter Attachments Document Type.

In the Attachments tab of Letter Management > Template Designer, you can upload the files that are available for users to add to templates in the Templates tab of Letter Management > Template Designer:

Attachments tab in Template Designer, showing two templates.

Note the following about uploading documents in the Attachments tab:

  • Documents that you upload here are automatically assigned the Letter Attachment document type.
  • This is the only area in Dayforce where you can upload documents with the Letter Attachment type. Documents of this type can't be uploaded or viewed in Documents > Document Explorer.
  • Documents that you upload aren't included in disc space calculations.
  • After documents are uploaded, you can click links in the File Name column to download a file for review purposes.
  • Documents that users upload in Recruiting Setup > Offer Documents are also displayed if their role has access to the Candidate Offer document type. However, documents with the Letter Attachment document type aren't displayed in Recruiting Setup > Offer Documents, where documents with the Candidate Offer type are uploaded.
  • If a file is uploaded in Recruiting Setup > Offer Documents that has the same name as one configured in the Attachments tab, the name of the file created in Recruiting Setup > Offer Documents is appended with "(Recruiting)" in the Attachments tab.