Text Editor and Tokens

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Text Editor and Tokens

In the Reusable Content tab of Letter Management > Template Designer, you can enter free text and tokens into the text editor.

Note: For more information about formatting text, see Appendix: Text Editor Controls.

You can insert tokens for values like job assignment, location, and salary that are replaced by an employee or candidate’s actual details when users create a letter. Insert a token by first placing the cursor in the area of the text editor where you want to add it. In this example, the user types a sentence and presses the spacebar to add a single space, placing the cursor where they will add a token for the start date:

Content editor with text and the cursor resting where tokens will be inserted.

You can search for the token in the drop-down list above the text editor. The drop-down list displays all of the available tokens. The tokens start with "Candidate:" or "Employee:" to indicate their source:

  • Candidate: These tokens include values from the job requisition and candidate profile in the Recruiting feature. They only populate a value when the reusable content is added to templates with the Offer Letters or Recruiting - Candidate Emails category.
  • Employee: These tokens include values from the employee work assignment, status record, and personal details of their Dayforce employee record. They only populate a value when the reusable content is added to templates with the Other Letters category.

Important information about using tokens:

  • Don't use a mix of employee and candidate tokens in a piece of reusable content. For example, if you use a candidate token in reusable content that is then inserted into a non-Recruitment template, that token will not be populated when the letter is generated in Letter Management > Distribution.
  • Tokens only populate a value when the corresponding source value is defined. For example, if the reusable content added to a template includes the Common Name token, but a common name isn't recorded in the employee's profile, the token is blank in the letter.
  • When you submit a letter in Letter Management > Distribution or Recruiting, Dayforce generates a warning message to identify any tokens in the template that weren't populated in the letter. The warning gives you a chance to fix the missing data, but you can still submit the letter if needed.
  • Some tokens in the list are also suffixed with "(Editable)," which means that users need to define the value that will be populated when they create the letter in Letter Management > Distribution or Recruiting. For more information, see the following:

When you select a token and click Insert, Dayforce adds it where the cursor is placed in the text editor. Tokens have a standard format, like {{OFFER_START_DATE}}:

Example of free form text with a token inserted next to it.

The token in this example will be replaced by the candidate's offer start date when you send the letter in Recruiting.

After a token is added, you can cut and or copy and paste it anywhere in the text editor, so long as you don't change any part of the token or brackets. For example, deleting the underscore between "OFFER" and "START" in the token {{OFFER_START_DATE}} or removing brackets will cause it not to populate the candidate's offer start date when the template is used to create a letter.

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