Send an Offer Letter

Letter Management Guide

Send an Offer Letter

You can send offer letters to candidates in Recruiting. Letters are based on templates, and require various features enabled for your role. See Offer Letter Prerequisites.

There are two ways to send offer letters: 

Send Individual Offers

To send an offer letter to an eligible candidate:

  1. Select the candidate in the Candidates tab of Recruiting > Job Requisitions. This candidate must be eligible to receive an offer letter.
  2. Select Offer or, if available, Offer > Individual Offer Letter.
  3. In the Send a Letter wizard, select the template that you want to base the letter on. Click Next.
  4. Provide the required information and click Next. See Offer Letter Settings.
  5. Preview the letter. In the letter, Dayforce replaces the tokens of the selected template with values for the specific candidate and job requisition.
  6. If your role is authorized, you can update the subject line and body copy before you submit the letter. You can also delete attachment links, but note that you can't download the attachments or add new ones.
  7. When you send individual letters, you can click the Save Draft button in the last step of the wizard to save the current letter as a draft. When you do this, the employee's status is updated to Offer Initiated and you can close the wizard without losing edits. To continue working on it, select the employee and click Offer to open the letter. Note that if the offer letter's template is updated after you save the draft, the offer letter will not reflect these updates when you open it again and you won't be able to update editable tokens if they were added.
  8. Otherwise, click Submit to send the letter.

For details on what happens next, see Offer Letter Submission Workflow.

Send Mass Offer Letters

To send offer letters to multiple candidates:

  1. Select two or more candidates in the Candidates tab of Recruiting > Job Requisitions.
  2. Select Offer > Mass Offer Letters. The Send Mass Offer Letter wizard opens to its Eligible Candidates tab.
  3. The eligible candidates are already selected. Any ineligible candidates you selected are highlighted in the Ineligible Candidates tab.
  4. You can select other candidates in the Eligible Candidates tab, up to the number of available openings, which is shown above the list.
  5. After you select which candidates to send offer letters to, click Next.
  6. Select an offer letter template to base the letter on and click Next.
  7. Provide the necessary information based on the template you select. See Offer Letter Settings. Click Next.
  8. On the preview page, click the arrows to review the letters for each candidate. If your role is authorized, you can update the subject line and body copy for particular candidates as you cycle through the list of candidates.
  9. See Review and Edit Offer Letter Preview.
  10. Click Submit.

The offer letter workflow is initiated. Each offer is distributed individually, each requires its own approval, and each is tracked separately in the job requisition's Activity tab. See Offer Letter Submission Workflow.