Select a Recipient

Letter Management Guide

Select a Recipient

The Select Recipients section in the second step of the wizard displays the following fields:

  • To: Drop-down list where you can search for the employee that you want to send the letter to. The list includes employees with pre-start, active, and inactive status that you have access to in Dayforce. If you are creating a letter with the Other Letters category and you selected the Terminated Employee Letters checkbox, it displays only terminated employees.
  • Recipient Email: Displayed for terminated employee letters. If the employee has one or more personal email addresses saved in their profile, you can select one of them to send the letter. Otherwise, you can enter an email address for the terminated employee in the field provided.
  • From: Read-only field that displays your name.
  • Subject: Read-only field that displays the subject line of the letter email message that is sent to the employee. The subject line is defined in the template that you select.

Note: For more information on the email addresses used, see Prerequisites and Requirements.