Save Favorite Sets of Filters

Letter Management Guide

Save Favorite Sets of Filters

In Letter Management > Distribution, you can save filters settings that you frequently use together as a favorite so you can more easily access the results. For example, you can save a set of filters to display only the letters that are sent by a specific user.

To save a set of filters as a favorite:

  1. Go to Letter Management > Distribution.
  2. In the Filter panel, select and apply the filter settings as needed.
  3. Click Favorites > Save Filter As to open the Add New Favorite dialog box, which includes a list of any previously saved favorites.
  4. In the field provided, enter a name for your new favorite.
  5. (Optional) To load the favorite filter settings by default each time you open Letter Management > Distribution, select the Load by Default checkbox.
  6. Click Save. The dialog box closes, and the favorite is added to the Favorites drop-down list.