Review and Edit Offer Letter Preview

Letter Management Guide

Review and Edit Offer Letter Preview

Role feature access: Recruiting > Recruiting > Actions > Offer Letter > Allow Edit on Review Screen

In the final step of the wizard, Dayforce generates the content of the template. Dayforce replaces the tokens of the selected template with values for the specific letter, like name, work assignment, and salary. The tokens that are used depend on the template.

The company logo selected for the template is displayed at the top left, and attachments that were part of the template are displayed as links at the bottom of the letter.

If your role is enabled, you can edit the letter text as needed. Note the following when editing from the preview:

  • You can delete attachment links, but you cannot add new attachments. You also can't download the attachments.
  • If you click Previous after making edits, a warning message indicates that your changes will be lost. When you return to the preview, Dayforce regenerates the letter from the template.
  • Subject lines cannot be longer than 100 characters.