Reusable Content in Templates

Letter Management Guide

Reusable Content in Templates

In the Templates tab of Letter Management > Template Designer, you can insert snippets of text that are created in the Reusable Content tab of Letter Management > Template Designer, such as standard letter clauses, contingencies, and disclaimers. Dayforce doesn't come preconfigured with this content and you need to create it. See The Reusable Content Tab.

Reusable content can only be added to the text editor, and not the Subject field. Before inserting this content, place the cursor in the area of the text editor where you want to add it. This can be within an existing paragraph or in a new line.

Next, select one of the following categories in the Tokens and Reusable Content drop-down list:

  • Clauses
  • Contingencies
  • Disclaimers
  • Others

In the drop-down list next to it, you can search for the content in the selected category:

Clauses is selected in the drop-down list and paid is entered in the search field to find the paid time off clause

When you select content and click Insert, Dayforce adds it where you have placed the cursor in the text editor.

Reusable content follows a standard format. The reference code of the content is followed by the text of the content, and all of this is enclosed between “CLAUSE” tags:

{{CLAUSE: <reference code of the content>} <text of the content> {END CLAUSE}}

After you add reusable content, you can cut, copy, and paste it anywhere in the text editor, as long as you don't change any part of it. Any changes to text in the clause tags aren't carried over to the letter. Also, making any changes to the tags prevents the content from being carried over to the letter.

If you need to change reusable content that has already been added to a template, note the following:

  • The text that was added to the text editor in the Templates tab in Letter Management > Template Designer continues to display the previous content, unless you delete the content and re-insert it. However, if you don't re-insert the content in the template, the updated content still carries over to Letter Management > Distribution or Recruiting when you send a new letter using the template.
  • If there is a change to the Reference Code field of the content, it will no longer carry over to templates for new letters.