Recruiting Email Letter Management Distribution

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Recruiting Email Letter Management Distribution

Before You Begin: The functionality described in this section is only applicable when the Use Letter Management Templates client property is enabled in Recruiting Setup > Client Properties with the Emails sent to candidates checkbox selected. Otherwise, the default candidate email functionality is used. For more information about the default functionality, see "Email Candidates" in the Recruiting Guide.

If your organization has configured the Letter Management templates functionality for candidate emails, you can select a preconfigured template, customize the message, and then send the email to candidates from Recruiting.

This functionality is only available if the following is true:

  • Your role has access to the Recruiting > Actions > Send Email feature in the Features tab of System Admin > Roles.
  • Your role has access to at least one letter management template with the Recruiting - Candidate Email category (configured in the Templates tab of Letter Management > Template Designer).
  • You have a valid business email address saved in Dayforce.
  • The candidates that you want to email have a valid email address saved in their candidate profile.

To send an email using a Letter Management template:

  1. Go to Recruiting.
  2. Select one of the "send email" options for the candidates you want to email. The available options depend on where you're accessing the candidates' details. For more information about the available options, see "Email Candidates" in the Recruiting Guide. When you select a "send email" option, Dayforce opens the Send Email wizard.
  3. In the first screen of the wizard, select the template that you want to use for the email. The list includes all templates that your role has access to from the Recruiting - Candidate Emails category in Letter Management > Template Designer.
  4. Note: Depending on configuration, these templates might include a job description and attachments.
  5. Click Next. The Sender and Recipient Information section is displayed in the wizard with the following fields:
    • To: This read-only field displays the names of the candidates that you selected. Each of these candidates will receive a separate email and they will not see the names of the other candidates.
    • From: By default, this field displays your name. However, if you'd prefer not to use your own email address, you can select the candidate communication email address that was configured in Recruiting Setup > Client Properties in the drop-down list instead.
    • CC: (Optional) Select one or more users to copy on the email. This list includes all users in your organization.
    • Subject: This read-only field displays the subject line that was configured for the selected template.
  6. If the template uses one or more editable tokens, the Required Token Values section is also displayed on this screen. Enter a value for each of these required tokens using the fields listed in the section. See Required Token Values for Candidate Emails.
  7. Click Next. The Review screen opens. This screen displays the email as it will appear for candidates, and any tokens that were included in the template are populated by default. Attachments that were included in the template are also displayed for your reference.
  8. If you're sending the email to multiple candidates, the Review screen includes a candidate selector that you can use to review the email for each candidate individually.
  9. Review the email and edit the content for individual candidates. Changes that you make in one candidate’s email aren't reflected in the emails for the other selected candidates. If editing the Subject field, note that the field accepts a maximum of 250 characters.
  10. Note: If you're sending the email to a single candidate, the Review screen displays the Save Draft and Delete Draft buttons. After saving a draft of the email, you can close the Send Email wizard and return to the draft later by clicking the contact option for the candidate again, within the same context (that is, from within the same job requisition or the candidate's profile). See Saved Candidate Email Drafts.
  11. Click Send. The dialog box closes and Dayforce sends the email to the email address listed in the Personal Information section of each candidate's profile. If you selected multiple candidates, a confirmation dialog box is displayed before the email is sent.

A record of each sent email is added in the Communications tab of the candidate's profile and in the Activity tab for the related job requisition, if applicable.