Overview of Recruitment Offer Letters

Letter Management Guide

Overview of Recruitment Offer Letters

The following information applies to sending offer letters used in Recruiting:

Who Receives Offer Letters

Offer letters are sent to the email address in the Personal Information section of the candidate's profile in Recruiting. Internal candidates receive the letter in their email and in Message Center.

Who Sends Offer Letters

Either the assigned recruiter or the hiring manager for the job requisition can send the offer letter. The sender must have an active business email address in Dayforce. Alternatively, their email address must be entered in the Letter Management Sender Address field of the Messages section in the Properties tab of System Admin > Client Properties.

If the sender has more than one business email in their profile, Dayforce chooses an email address based on the following priority:

  1. Verified business email address. 
  2. Unverified business email address with the Alerts checkbox selected in the profile. 
  3. Unverified business email address with the Alerts checkbox cleared in the profile. 

If more than one business email have the same priority (for example, both business emails are verified), Dayforce uses the one most recently added. 

When Offer Letters Can Be Sent

You can send new offer letters under the following conditions:

  • For job requisitions that have the Opened status.
  • To candidates of any status except Declined.
  • To candidates who already have offer letters for other job applications. The offer letter is unique to the job application.

For job requisitions that use candidate status mapping, you might not be able to make an offer until the candidate is in the Offered status. You can click the Candidate Status Mapping is Used indicator () in the Job Requisitions screen of Recruiting to see mapping details.

You can’t resend an offer letter to a candidate if an existing offer on the same job requisition is active. When an offer letter is active, the candidate has one of the following statuses: Offer Pending Approval, Offer Sent, Offer Accepted.

You can resend an offer letter when the existing offer is inactive. When an offer is inactive, it has one of the following statuses:

  • Offer Unsuccessful - Electronic Signature Failure (the candidate accepted the offer but experienced an error when trying to provide an e-signature)
  • Offer Rejected - E-Signature (the candidate rejected the offer by declining to provide an e-signature)
  • Offer Rejected - Candidate
  • Offer Rejected - Workflow
  • Offer Rescinded
  • Offer Expired

You can manually update the status of an offer if needed. See Overview of Updating Offer Status.

Where to See Sent Offer Letters

You can view recruitment offer letters in the Letter Management > Distribution, but conditions apply. See Recruitment Offer Letters Displayed in .

Workflow Approvals

The workflow can include one or more levels of approval where users can review and approve a read-only version of the letter in Message Center. They can download the attachments in the letter if their role has access to the necessary document types.

Approvers can deny or approve the offer letter:

  • Deny: The letter isn't sent to the employee. The letter status is also set to Offer Rejected - Workflow. If needed, you can resubmit the letter in Recruiting by selecting the candidate and clicking Offer and go through the steps again, which will start a new workflow.
  • Approve: The system sends the letter to the candidate. The status of the letter is updated to Offer Sent in Recruiting.

Attachments and Acknowledgements

You can attach documents to your offer letters if your administrator has uploaded them to the system. You configure offer letter templates in Letter Management > Template Designer to include these documents so that candidates can view or download them.

By default, candidates can't update documents or acknowledge that they read the documents when they accept or reject the offer. However, you can obtain this acknowledgment from candidates if your organization has a DocuSign account and it's configured to allow the use of supplemental documents in Dayforce. In this case, Dayforce automatically includes the attached documents in the envelope sent to DocuSign for the candidate, and when the candidate clicks Accept in their offer letter, the attached documents are shown on the DocuSign page along with the e-signature request. Candidates are required to review and accept each document during the signing session, and then a record of their acknowledgment is recorded in Recruiting along with their e-signature.

The following limits apply:

  • Individual documents can’t be larger than 25 MB, and 5 MB is the recommended maximum size of each document.
  • There is no limit to the number of documents in an envelope, but you might experience performance issues with large numbers of documents or frequent requests from many candidates or employees. You might need to send a request to DocuSign to increase your DocuSign account's call rate limit. The default is 1,000 API calls per hour per account.

For more information about the candidate experience, see Candidate E-Signature. For help configuring the e-signature functionality, see Configure E-Signatures for Letter Management Recruitment Offers.

For information on uploading documents to attach to offer letters, see Configure the Candidate Offer Document Type. You can also configure letter templates to include the job description as a PDF attachment. Currently, the job description can only be downloaded; it isn't included in the envelope sent to DocuSign for e-signature. See Include Job Descriptions.