Overview of Letter Management

Letter Management Guide

Overview of Letter Management

In the Letter Management feature, you can create and manage letters of correspondence that are sent to employees and job candidates. This functionality can be used for common employer-generated communications like acceptance letters, salary changes, and job assignment changes.

Letter Management involves the following process:

  • Template Creation: In Letter Management > Template Designer, you can create a set of templates that can be used for the different types of letters that your organization sends out. Templates can include predefined tokens for values like job assignment title, location, and salary that are replaced by an employee or candidate’s actual details when you create a letter.
  • Templates can also contain attachments and custom text snippets like disclaimers or offer clauses that you create, reuse, and include tokens in.
  • Letter Distribution: After templates are configured, users can base letters on them and send the letters to employees or candidates.
  • Letters can be sent from two areas in Dayforce depending on the type of letter:
    • Letter Management > Distribution: Send letters to existing or terminated employees, like salary summaries and job assignment changes.
    • Recruiting: Send offers letters to internal or external candidates. To use this functionality, you need to enable the Use Letter Management Templates property in Recruiting Setup > Client Properties and select the Offer letters checkbox below the property description. When this client property is enabled, Recruiting uses Letter Management templates instead of the offer letter form that is provided by default.
  • Note: When you create templates in Letter Management > Template Designer, you need to assign them a category. Only templates assigned the Offer Letters category can be used to send offer letters in Recruiting. Templates with the Offer Letters category cannot be sent in Letter Management > Distribution.
  • Letters must be based on templates. It isn't possible to create a letter without assigning it a template that is configured in Letter Management > Template Designer. However, users with the required feature access can make direct edits to the letter content that is generated by the template in Letter Management > Distribution or Recruiting. This can be done by roles that have the Allow Edit At Preview feature under Letter Management > Distribution in the Features tab of System Admin > Roles.
  • Workflow Approval: After you submit the letter in the above areas, it enters a workflow that can require approval steps before it’s sent to the employee or candidate. For example, if a recruiter submits an offer letter, the workflow can route it to the HR manager for approval. After the letter is approved and the workflow is processed, Dayforce sends it to the employee or candidate.
  • Employee and Candidate Response: When the workflow is complete, a notification is sent to the email address of the employee or candidate. Employees also receive this notification in their Message Center in Dayforce. If the letter is a Recruiting offer letter, the email and Message Center notifications both include a link to access the offer letter. However, if the letter is sent to the employee from Letter Management > Distribution, only the Message Center notification includes a link to access the letter (the email notification instructs them to access the letter in Message Center).
  • When candidates or employees open the letter, they can review it and then take action as indicated or directed in the letter.
  • You can track the status of letters sent to employees and candidates in Letter Management > Distribution. You can also review the status of recruitment offer letters in Recruiting.
  • Letter Review: Employees can access their letter history in the Personal > Letters sub-tab in Profile, and managers and administrators can access an employee's letter history in the Employment > Letters screen of the People feature.

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