Offer Letter Submission Workflow

Letter Management Guide

Offer Letter Submission Workflow

When you click Submit in the last step of the Send a Letter and Send Mass Offer Letter wizards, Dayforce performs the following validations:

  • It generates an error message if the sender or recipient emails are missing.
  • If you selected an employee in the optional CC field of the wizard, and that user doesn't have an active business email address, Dayforce generates a warning message to indicate that this is the case. However, you can still submit the letter if needed.
  • It generates a warning message to identify any tokens in the template that weren't populated in the letter.
  • For example, a warning is generated if the template has the Preferred First Name token, but this name isn't defined candidate's profile.
  • The warning gives you a chance to fix the missing data, but you can still submit the letter if needed.
  • It generates an error if the amount entered in the Offer Base field (if included in the template) in the Required Information section of the wizard is outside the pay grade range for the job, if defined.
  • It generates a warning message if the template used is configured to include a job description attachment and there is no job description available for the specific job assignment. This warning lets you know that the job description attachment will not be generated if you continue with submitting the letter. In this case, you can go back and populate the job description or continue to submit the letter without the job description if needed. See Include Job Descriptions.

When you submit the letter, the wizard closes, and the letter enters the workflow that you selected. When the workflow is underway, the employee's status updates to Offer Pending Approval. You can click Refresh in the toolstrip to see the candidate's latest status.