Offer Letter Prerequisites

Letter Management Guide

Offer Letter Prerequisites

You need the following prerequisites to send an offer letter in Recruiting:

Recruiting Client Properties

The letter management templates for offer letters are accessible when the Use Letter Management Templates client property is enabled in Recruiting Setup > Client Properties and its Offer letters checkbox is selected.

Workflow Access

You must select the workflow for the offer letter you want to use, and your role must have access to this workflow in Workflow Administration > Role Privileges. For information on setting up these workflows, see Enable Candidate Offer Letter Workflows for Roles.

Role Feature Access

Your role must have access to the following sub-features under Recruiting > Recruiting > Actions in the Features tab of System Admin > Roles:

  • Offer Letter > Offer Letter, for each offer letter workflow you want to use.
  • Offer Letter > Send Mass Offer, to send offer letters to multiple candidates at the same time.
  • Offer Letter > Allow Edit on Review Screen, to be able to update the text of the letters.
  • Candidate Offer Status, to change the status of letters that have been sent. See Overview of Updating Offer Status.

Note: For recruiting offer letters, you don’t need access to either the Send Letter or Allow Edit At Preview role features under Letter Management > Distribution. These are for other types of letters sent from Letter Management.

Template Access

You must have access to at least one Letter Management template with the Offer Letter category. These templates are configured in the Templates tab of Letter Management > Template Designer. The list of templates you can access depends on your role. This is controlled by the Visibility to Roles setting for the template. See Letter Management Template Designer.

Valid Email Addresses

The recipient and senders must have valid email addresses. See Overview of Recruitment Offer Letters for more information on how the system determines who sends the email.