Letter Response

Letter Management Guide

Letter Response

Before You Begin: Before the letter is sent, it needs to go through a workflow. See Workflow Process for Offer Letters.

When Dayforce sends the letter, candidates receive an email notification:

Example of candidate notification email.

For internal candidates, the letter is also sent to Dayforce Message Center.

Additional information about the notification:

  • The subject line and company logo are derived from the template that the user selects to send the letter in Letter Management > Distribution.
  • The company name after, "You have received a letter from," is derived from the Name field in the Properties tab of Site Setup > Client.
  • The other text in the email body is non-configurable.
  • The message displays the date that a response is required by.
  • Candidates can reply to the sender with any questions about the offer. The sender's email initially displays as <notify@dayforce.com> in the email, as pictured in the example above. However, if candidates reply to the message, it displays the sender's email address.
  • If the sender added a CC recipient (for example, the hiring manager) to the letter, they aren't displayed in the email notification. However, if the candidate replies to the email, the main sender and the CC recipient specified in Recruiting are both added to the To line of the reply email, so candidates can still contact both users.

When the candidate clicks the View Letter link in the email, the Recruiting client careers site is loaded in their browser and displays the letter:

Example of a job offer letter.

Additional information about the letter:

  • The letter expiration date is displayed at the top.
  • Candidates can click the attachment links at the bottom of the letter to download files.
  • Candidates can click the download icon ( ) at the top right of the letter to generate a PDF version of the letter for their records.

When candidates select the acknowledgment checkbox at the bottom of the letter, the Accept and Reject buttons become enabled for them to select. They cannot select Accept or Reject until they select the acknowledgment checkbox.

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