Letter Rejected

Letter Management Guide

Letter Rejected

When employees click Reject, Dayforce can load a Rejection Reason dialog box if it’s configured. Here, employees can select from one of the rejection reasons and provide a comment. The comment field might be mandatory depending on the rejection reason that is selected:

Rejection reason dialog box showing No longer applicable as reason selected.

Note: The rejection reason and additional comment are displayed in the Status column of the letter in Letter Management > Distribution.

When they click Send, Dayforce loads a page informing them that they will receive a confirmation email:

Confirmation page showing View Letter button.

In this page, they can click View Letter to load the letter for their reference. Dayforce loads the letter and associated attachments for users to view and download. The acknowledgment checkbox and Accept and Reject buttons are also no longer displayed, and the employee can't change their response. The message at the top of the screen indicates when they took action on the letter:

Informational message about when the user took action on the letter.

The email notification instructs the employee that they can access their letter in Dayforce. The text of the email is non-configurable.

Also, the following occurs in Dayforce: