Letter Notification Language

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Letter Notification Language

As part of creating a template in the Templates tab of Letter Management > Template Designer you need to set the culture/language that will be used for notification emails and for any date or number tokens included in the template.

Note: Users receive these notifications when a letter is sent or they take action on a letter. The notifications are sent to email and (for employees only) to Message Center.

You can set the language by selecting an option in the Template Culture/Language drop-down list. This is a required field that is cleared by default and contains all of the cultures that your instance of Dayforce is configured to use.

Additional Information

  • This drop-down list controls only the content of the standard letter notification, and not the content of the letter itself or custom notifications that are configured in workflows. The standard notifications are:
    • The notification that users receive when a letter is sent from Letter Management > Distribution or Recruiting.
    • The notification that is sent when users click Accept or Reject in a letter.
  • This drop-down list isn't displayed for templates with the Recruiting - Candidate Emails category because such templates don't have notifications with standard text that needs to be localized.