Letter Attachments

Letter Management Guide

Letter Attachments

The template that you base the letter on can be configured in Letter Management > Template Designer to include one or more attachments that employees can download when they are sent the letter. By default, these documents can only be viewed or downloaded. When employees take action on the letter as indicated or requested, they cannot update and send documents with the letter response. However, if your organization has a DocuSign account, and if it’s configured to allow the use of supplemental documents in Dayforce, you can obtain an acknowledgment from employees for these documents using the e-signature functionality.

In this case, Dayforce automatically includes the attached documents in the envelope sent to DocuSign for the employee, and when the employee clicks Accept in their letter, the attached documents are displayed on the DocuSign page along with the e-signature request. Employees are required to review and accept each document during the signing session, and then a record of their acknowledgment is recorded in Recruiting along with their e-signature.

When including documents in the envelope sent to DocuSign for electronic signature, note the following:

  • Individual documents cannot be larger than 25 MB. 5 MB is the recommended maximum size per document.
  • There is no limit to the number of documents in an envelope, but you might experience performance issues with large numbers of documents or with frequent requests from many candidates or employees. You might need to send a request to DocuSign to increase your DocuSign account’s call rate limit, which is set by default to 1,000 API calls per hour per account.

Letter templates can also be configured to include the job description as a PDF attachment. Currently, this attachment can only be downloaded; it isn't included in the envelope sent to DocuSign for e-signature. See Include Job Descriptions.