Images in Templates

Letter Management Guide

Images in Templates

In the text editor in the Templates and Reusable Content tabs of Letter Management > Template Designer, you can insert images such as signatures. You can insert images by direct URL reference to the image on a remote server, or by pasting an image from your computer's clipboard. Pasting is the preferred method if you want your images to be visible in DocuSign. The URL reference method doesn't carry the image forward into DocuSign.

You can add other types of images such as company logos to your letter template. See Add Letter Images.

Place the cursor in the area of the text editor where you want the image to appear, then do one of the following:

  • Click the insert/edit image icon ().
    • Enter the full URL for the image in the Source field. The image file must be hosted on an http/https/ftp site.
    • Enter an Alternative description and the desired Width and Height of your image.
    • Click Save. Images you insert in this way aren't visible in DocuSign.
  • Right-click and select Paste or press CTRL+V or Command-V on your keyboard. Images you insert in this way are visible in DocuSign.

Make sure you resize your image in the text editor to your desired size to stop your image from overflowing onto multiple letter pages. No automatic resizing occurs after you save the template.