Enable Letter Workflows for Roles

Letter Management Guide

Enable Letter Workflows for Roles

Before You Begin: You must ensure that workflows assigned to the letter form meet the requirements described in Letter Workflows. Failure to follow these standards can prevent the letter process from completing.

After you create a workflow, you need to create a record for it in Workflow Administration > Role Privileges and configure which roles have access to it. After this is configured, the workflow is available in the Select Workflow drop-down list of the Send a Letter wizard in Letter Management > Distribution.

Note: The workflow will also be available in the Select Workflow drop-down list of the Send a Letter wizard in Recruiting, where it can be used for non-offer letters.

For each role privilege that you add in Workflow Administration > Role Privileges, Dayforce automatically adds a Letter role feature under the Letter Management > Distribution > Letter Workflows role feature in the Features tab of System AdminRoles.

For example, if you add two role privileges, each for different workflows, two Letter role features are added under the Letter Workflows role feature:

Two role features called Letter under Letter Workflows feature in System Admin.

You can differentiate between these role features in Workflow Administration > Role Privileges, where the Workflow column displays the different workflow used for each role privilege:

Two letter workflows showing their full names highlighted in workflow admin screen.

The name in the Workflow column is what users see when they select the workflow in the Send a Letter wizard.

Note: You should only use the Letter form with the Letter Workflows parent feature. It isn't supported for use with other parent features.

To create a role privilege for an offer letter workflow:

  1. Go to Workflow Administration > Role Privileges.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Do the following:
    • In the Parent Feature column, select Letter Workflow.
    • In the Form column, select Letter.
    • In the Workflow column, select the workflow that you want to associate with the form.
    • In the Role column, select the roles that will have access to the workflow.
  4. Click Save.