Employment > Letters Screen in the People Feature

Letter Management Guide

Employment > Letters Screen in the People Feature

Before You Begin: In this screen, you can view Recruiting offer letters of internal candidate employees that you have access to Dayforce. To view internal candidate letters that have been sent before the candidate is hired to the new role, your role must be assigned the View Internal Candidate Offers role feature under Letter Management > Distribution in the Features tab of System Admin > Roles.

In the Employment > Letters screen of People, you can search for, view, and download letters that were sent to an employee from Letter Management or Recruiting:

Letters screen under Employment showing one letter for search criteria entered.

The list displays letters that were sent to the employee, including ones that they haven't acted on, as well as ones that were accepted, declined, or expired. The acknowledgment checkbox and Accept and Reject buttons aren't displayed in the letter, and the letter response cannot be changed or updated. Employees can only act on letters from the link in the letter notification that is sent to their email.

Note the following about the letter that you select:

  • The letter's status is displayed at the top.
  • If the employee provided an e-signature for the letter, the View Signed Document link is displayed in the header details of the letter.
  • Selecting this link opens a dialog box containing the signed letter that you can print or download.
  • You can click the attachment links at the bottom of the letter to download files included in the letter.
  • You can click the download icon ( ) at the top right of the letter to generate a PDF version of the letter for your records.

You can click the collapse icon ( ) at the top-right of the sidebar to hide it from the screen.