Employee Letter Distribution

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Employee Letter Distribution

Before You Begin: To send letters, you must first set up templates in Letter Management > Template Designer. See Letter Management Template Designer.

In Letter Management > Distribution, you can create and monitor letters of correspondence that are sent to employees. This functionality can be used for common employer-generated communications like salary changes, job assignment changes, or policy acknowledgments.

Letter Management > Distribution can't be used for sending offer letters to candidates who apply to jobs in the Recruiting feature. These can only be sent through the Recruiting feature. Recruitment offer letters can be displayed in the Letter Management > Distribution, but conditions apply. See Recruitment Offer Letters Displayed in .

When you open this feature, Dayforce shows a list of the letter activity for the employees that you have access to in Dayforce. The list is sorted by the Last Status Change column, but you can click any of the column headings to sort by that column:

Letter activity list in the Distribution feature.

The list includes the following columns:

  • Letter: The subject line in the template used for the letter. The text in this column is a link that opens the letter. If the letter has Draft status, you can submit it. If the letter has any other status, Dayforce displays a read-only version for your reference.
  • Recipient: The name of the employee (or candidate in the case of offer letters) who received the letter.
  • Recipient Email: The email address that the letter was sent to.
  • Status: The current status of the letter. Available options are as follows:
    • Draft: The letter was saved as a draft.
    • Pending Approval: The sender submitted the letter and it entered a workflow. See Workflow Process.
    • Workflow Rejected: The approver who the letter was routed to (for example, an administrator) rejected the letter, and as a result it wasn't sent to the employee or candidate.
    • Workflow Failed: The letter workflow failed.
    • Sent: The letter was approved in the workflow and sent to the employee or candidate.
    • Expired: The letter was sent to the employee or candidate but expired before any action was taken.
    • Accepted: The candidate or employee accepted the letter by clicking an "accept" button.
    • Rejected: The candidate or employee rejected the letter by clicking a "reject" button, or a recruiter performed this action in the Recruiting feature on behalf of the candidate. If rejection reasons are configured, the status is appended with the rejection reason that was selected. If a comment was provided by the employee, candidate, or recruiter when the action was taken, you can click the comment icon to view that information.
    • Rejected - Declined to E-Sign Letter: The candidate or employee declined to provide an e-signature.
    • Rejected - E-Signing Failed: There was an error when trying to submit the e-signature.
  • Last Status Change: The date and time of the last status in the Status column.
  • Sender: The name of the user who sent the letter or saved the draft of the letter.
  • Sent Date: The date and time that the letter was sent to the employee or candidate.
  • Category: The category assigned to the associated template in the Templates tab of Letter Management > Template Designer.

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