Employee E-Signature

Letter Management Guide

Employee E-Signature

For letters configured to request an e-signature, when employees click Accept, they are taken to the DocuSign e-signature page. Here, the employee is prompted to click Continue to review and sign the letter. They can also take other actions (such as declining to sign the letter) using the Other Actions drop-down list:

DocuSign e-signature page showing the Continue button and the Other Actions drop-down.

Note: If an employee declines to sign the letter, it’s considered to be rejected. The status of the letter in Dayforce is updated to Rejected - Declined to E-Sign Letter.

After clicking Continue, the employee can review the letter and click Sign:

Example of the letter in DocuSign with the cursor beside the Sign button.

When the employee clicks Sign, the Adopt Your Signature dialog box opens in which the employee can confirm their name, initials, and signature for the letter. Depending on how they are accessing the DocuSign page, they can do one of the following to capture their signature:

  • If using a desktop computer, they can accept the default signature and initials or click Change Style to select a different version in the Select Style tab.
  • If using a tablet, they can enter their signature using their finger or a stylus in the Draw tab.

Adopt Your Signature page.

When the employee is done, they can click Adopt and Sign to insert their signature in the letter.

If the letter includes one or more supplemental documents, they are displayed below the letter on the DocuSign page:

List of documents with View buttons for each one.

The employee must review and accept each of these documents by clicking the corresponding View button, and then clicking Accept in the opened document.

After the employee clicks Accept for a document, it’s marked as accepted in the document list:

List of documents with Accepted displayed for each one.

After all supplemental documents have been reviewed and accepted, the employee can click Finish. The DocuSign page closes and the employee is taken to the thank you page on the letters portal.

In some cases, employees might experience an error when trying to submit their e-signature. In this case, employees are advised to contact their manager or administrator for more information, and their status is displayed as Rejected - E-Signing Failed. If you want to give the employee another chance to submit their e-signature, you need to send a new letter.