Delete or End-Date Reusable Content

Letter Management Guide

Delete or End-Date Reusable Content

You can delete or apply an effective end date to items in the Reusable Content tab of Letter Management > Template Designer at any time. When content is deleted or end dated, it’s no longer available to add to templates.

If a template contains deleted or end-dated reusable content in the Templates tab of Letter Management > Template Designer, that content is still displayed in the text editor of the template but isn't carried over to new letters that use the template in Letter Management > Distribution or Recruiting.

Deleted or end dated reusable content isn't removed from letters that were already sent out, or letter drafts that were created before the reusable content was deleted.

To delete reusable content:

  1. Go to Letter Management > Template Designer and click the Reusable Content tab.
  2. Search for and select the reusable content from the menu.
  3. Click Delete and OK to confirm.
  4. Click Save.