Define Required Information for Employee Letters

Letter Management Guide

Define Required Information for Employee Letters

The Required Information section in the second step of the wizard displays one or more fields depending on the template that you selected. These fields are used to define the values of the tokens that are populated in the template. Each field displayed is mandatory:

At the minimum, this section displays the Effective From field. This field can have two functions:

  • If the letter template contains the Effective From token, the date that you enter in this field is populated in the letter. For example, a letter might state that the employee's promotion becomes effective as of a certain date.
  • Even if the letter template that you selected doesn't contain the Effective From token, the Required Information section still displays the Effective From field for you to fill out. This is because the template needs this date to determine what data to use for tokens that have effective dates.
  • For example, if a template includes the Base Rate token, Dayforce needs to know which date to check what the rate is.
  • Continuing this example, say that you're sending a letter to give an employee advanced notice of a change to their job assignment and salary. If the new job assignment and salary don't come into effect until a week from now, you would enter that future date in the Effective From field of the Required Information section. This way, the tokens in the letter will be populated with the new work assignment and employment status information.

The Required Information section can also display the following fields when the corresponding token is included in the template:

  • Days Per Week: The number of days per week that the employee works. There is no corresponding field for this token in the employee record.
  • Effective To: The date that the change concludes. For example, if the letter is regarding a temporary job assignment, you can enter this date and it will be populated in the letter.