Define Letter Settings

Letter Management Guide

Define Letter Settings

At the top of the last step of the wizard, Dayforce displays the following settings:

Letter settings
Setting Description
Select Workflow

The workflow that the letter enters when you submit it. The workflows available for your role are defined in Workflow Administration > Role Privileges.

Expiration in Days

Field for defining the number of days that a letter is valid after being sent. This field gives you the flexibility to determine the expiration date for each letter you create.

Additional information about entering an expiry date:

  • You can enter a minimum value of one day and a maximum value of 730 days (two years).
  • The countdown for expiry begins on the day that the system sends the letter to the employee. This day can be after the day that you submit the letter if the workflow takes more than a day to approve.
  • As an example of letter expiration, if you enter seven days, and the offer is sent on Monday, June 6, the offer expires at 12:00 AM on Monday, June 13.

The expiration date is automatically communicated to the employee in the letter.