Create New Headers

Letter Management Guide

Create New Headers

To add a set of header links:

  1. Go to Letter Management > Branding Management and click the Header Configuration tab.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Enter a name and, optionally, a description for the header.
  4. Under Language, select the checkbox next to each culture that you want to localize the header for. Dayforce adds a separate tab in the Header section for each language you select:
  5. English US and Canadian French tabs displayed to match languanges selected.
  6. In the language tab for each language you selected, define the number of links that you want to display in the header by selecting an option in the Number of Header Links drop-down list. You can add a maximum of five header links.
  7. Dayforce adds fields for the selected number of links below the drop-down list:
  8. Three header link fields under English US tab.
  9. Enter a name and URL for each of the links. If needed, you can adjust the display order of the links using the corresponding move up and move down icons.
  10. When you’ve finished configuring the header for each of your selected languages, click Save.

If needed, you can create a copy of an existing header by selecting it in the sidebar and clicking Copy. You can also delete an existing header by selecting it in the sidebar and clicking Delete.

Note: You can delete a header only if it isn't currently assigned to the letter portal.