Configure the Employee Letter Communication Data HR Event

Letter Management Guide

Configure the Employee Letter Communication Data HR Event

Before You Begin: For background information on HR events, see the Self-Service Guide.

In Workflow Administration > HR Events, you can configure a notification workflow to be triggered by the Employee Letter Communication Data HR event each time an employee takes action on an offer sent from Letter Management > Distribution.

When you configure this HR event, you don't need to add a record to the Triggering Forms section of the HR event details, because this event is automatically generated when an employee accepts or rejects the letter.

To configure this HR event:

  1. Go to Workflow Administration > HR Event.
  2. Select Employee Letter Communication Data under Template in the left sidebar.
  3. In the Triggered Workflow section of its details, click Add.
  4. In the Workflow drop-down list, select the workflow that you want to be triggered.
  5. Enter effective dates to define when the workflow can be triggered.
  6. Click Save.