Configure Letter Management for Interview Requests

Letter Management Guide

Configure Letter Management for Interview Requests

Before You Begin: This topic assumes that you already configured access to interview scheduling for the appropriate users. The items in this topic enable only the use of Letter Management templates for sending interview requests. For more information about the interview scheduling feature, see "Interview Scheduling" in the Recruiting Guide.

To use Letter Management templates when sending interview requests to candidates in Recruiting:

  • In the Templates tab of Letter Management > Template Designer, configure one or more templates for the Recruiting - Interview Requests category. See Letter Management Template Designer.
  • Note: Templates that are going to be used for candidate self-scheduling interview requests must contain the INTERVIEW_SCHEDULING_LINK token.
  • In Recruiting Setup > Client Properties, enable the Use Letter Management Templates client property and select the Interviews checkbox displayed below the property description. See "Configure the Use Letter Management Templates Client Property" in the Recruiting Guide.
  • If you need to allow some users to send interview invitations without using a template, assign them access to the Recruiting > Actions > Schedule Interview > Schedule Interviews Without a Template role feature in the Features tab of System Admin > Roles.