Configure E-Signatures for Letter Management Recruitment Offers

Letter Management Guide

Configure E-Signatures for Letter Management Recruitment Offers

Before You Begin: Your organization must have an account with DocuSign, and your DocuSign account must have the "Supplemental Documents" properties set up if you want to use that functionality for offer letters.

Dayforce integrates with DocuSign to allow candidates to electronically sign an offer letter when they accept a job offer. This allows you to obtain a record of their signature without requiring you to print out the offer letter and have the candidate sign later. You can also include one or more supplemental documents with the offer letter, if needed. This allows you to verify that candidates have reviewed and accepted the documents as part of the signing process.

To configure the e-signature functionality:

  1. Go to System Admin > External Integrations and set up an e-signature external integration for your OAuth 2.0 authentication. See Configure E-Signature Authentication.
  2. (Optional) In the e-signature external integration you just set up, select the Allow Supplemental Documents checkbox to include the documents that are attached to an offer letter in the envelope sent to DocuSign for electronic signature. When selected, candidates will have to review and accept any documents attached to their offer letter as part of the signing process. Click Save.
  3. Note: Defining the offer letter form as e-signable in the Form Configuration tab of Workflow Administration > E-Signature Configuration isn't required. Configuration in the Form Configuration tab is only required for forms that are completed in Dayforce (such as Onboarding forms).
  4. In the Features tab of System Admin > Roles, assign the necessary user roles access to the Recruiting > Job Requisitions > Include E-Signature in Offer Letter feature. This role feature allows users to enable the e-signature functionality for job requisitions.
  5. Enable the e-signature functionality for new or existing job requisitions by selecting the Include E-Signature for Offer Letter checkbox in any of the following places:
    • The Job Requisition form
    • The Add New Requisition wizard (in Recruiting > Job Requisitions)
    • A job requisition's Details tab (in Recruiting > Job Requisitions)
  6. (Optional) If attaching supplemental documents is allowed for your DocuSign account (see step 1), send the offer letter from Recruiting using a template that is configured to include attachments. For more information about attachments in offer letter templates, see Overview of Recruitment Offer Letters. For more information about creating an offer letter using a letter template, see Send an Offer Letter.

When candidates click Accept in an offer letter configured to request an e-signature, they are automatically taken to the DocuSign e-signature page. If there are supplemental documents attached to the letter, the candidate must review and accept each document before completing the signing session. For more information about the candidate experience, see Candidate E-Signature.

For information about how offers with e-signatures are displayed in Recruiting, see View E-Signature.