Configure E-Signature for Employee Letters

Letter Management Guide

Configure E-Signature for Employee Letters

Before You Begin: Your organization must have an account with DocuSign.

Dayforce integrates with DocuSign to allow employees to electronically sign letters sent from Letter Management > Distribution. This allows you to obtain a record of their signature without requiring you to print out the letter and have the employee sign later.

Configuring e-signature functionality for employee letters involves the following:

  • Configure DocuSign in Dayforce: Before you can use this functionality, your organization must have an account with DocuSign. You then need to set up an e-signature external integration for OAuth 2.0 authentication in System Admin > External Integrations. See Configure E-Signature Authentication.
  • (Optional) If you selected the Allow Supplemental Documents checkbox when you set up the e-signature external integration in System Admin > External Integrations, and if your DocuSign account is set up to attach supplemental documents, you can send the letter using a letter template that is configured to include attachments. For more information about attachments in letter templates, see Letter Attachments. For more information about creating a letter using a letter template, see Overview of Sending Letters.
  • Enable role feature: Users who configure letter templates in Letter Management need to have the Include E-Signature in Letter role feature enabled under Letter Management > Template Designer in the Features tab of System Admin > Roles.
  • Enable E-Signature for Templates: When you enable the Include E-Signature in Letter role feature, Dayforce displays the Require E-Signature checkbox in the General section of template details in the Templates tab of Letter Management > Template Designer.
  • You can select the Require E-Signature checkbox to enable the e-signature step for letter templates that are used in Letter Management > Distribution.
  • Note: This checkbox isn't displayed in the details of templates that have the Offer Letters category. E-signatures for this category of letters is enabled by selecting the Include E-Signature for Offer Letter checkbox in the Details tab of job requisitions in Recruiting > Job Requisitions. Any offer letter template that is used in a requisition that has this checkbox selected in its details includes the e-signature step.

When employees click Accept in a letter configured to request an e-signature, they are taken to the DocuSign e-signature page automatically. For information about how letters with e-signatures are displayed, see Employee E-Signature.