Configure E-Signature Authentication

Letter Management Guide

Configure E-Signature Authentication

Before You Begin: Your organization must have an account with DocuSign and you must have the DocuSign user ID and password. To include supplemental documents when requesting e-signatures, you must ensure that the “Supplemental Documents” properties have been set up from your DocuSign account.

You must set up OAuth 2.0 authentication to use DocuSign e-signature functionality in Dayforce. Your OAuth 2.0 credentials are accessed automatically from DocuSign.

Note: The registration process uses one super administrator account. If your organization requires multiple users to create and access forms, contact DocuSign about envelope sharing.

Role feature access: System Admin > System Admin > External Integrations

To set up OAuth 2.0:

  1. Go to System Admin > External Integrations and click Add.
  2. Select E-Signature in the External Integration Group list and select DocuSign from the Provider list.
  3. Enter dates for Effective from and Effective to, if applicable. By default, the integration is effective from the current date with no effective end date.
  4. Click Click here for OAuth Setup to load a new browser tab where you can log in to DocuSign and request your OAuth credentials.
  5. Return to the External Integrations - Dayforce tab, where your DocuSign authentication values are populated automatically under the Tokens section.
  6. Note: If the system doesn’t populate these values successfully, you can log in to DocuSign, provide your consent, and copy/paste these token values manually. You can find these values in DocuSign in Settings > Integrations > Apps and Keys.
  7. (Optional) Select the Allow Supplemental Documents checkbox to include attached documents in the envelope sent to DocuSign for electronic signature. Recipients will be required to review and accept any attached documents as part of the signing process.
  8. Note: Supplemental documents can’t be signed individually in DocuSign. Recipients are required to open and view each document. When they review all of the documents, they’re asked to e-sign the entire envelope in one signing session. To use supplemental documents, you require a DocuSign Business Pro account or the DocuSign Advanced Workflows module.
  9. Click Save.