CC Recipient

Letter Management Guide

CC Recipient

If you added a CC recipient (for example, the hiring manager) to an offer letter, the CC recipient and candidate receive separate notifications. While each notification provides a link to the letter, only the letter opened from the candidate notification can be acted on.

The notification sent to the CC recipient has the same content as the notification sent to the candidate, with following differences:

  • "CC:" is displayed at the beginning of the subject line.
  • A note at the top of the letter communicates that the user is the CC recipient for a letter sent to the candidate.

When the CC recipient logs in and opens the letter in the portal, the same note from the notification is displayed at the top of the letter to indicate that the user is the CC recipient.

The rest of the letter looks the same as what the candidate would see, except the controls for taking action on the letter aren't enabled. When the user hovers over the controls, Dayforce displays a tooltip to indicate that only the candidate can take action.