Base Rate Policies in Offer Letters

Letter Management Guide

Base Rate Policies in Offer Letters

When you create an offer letter for a job requisition that uses base rate policies, you can assign a base rate policy and base rate level in the Send a Letter wizard to determine the offer base salary and base rate set for the employee.

Note: The Base Rate Policy and Level fields only appear in the Send a Letter wizard when the Use Base Rate Policy checkbox is selected for the corresponding job requisition.

After you specify an offer start date, a base rate policy, and a base rate level, the applicable value is shown in the Offer Base field. If you decide to manually overwrite this value, the base rate policy is no longer applicable for this candidate.

The Base Rate Policy and Base Rate Level candidate tokens can optionally be included in the offer letter template in Letter Management > Template Designer.

Requirements for Using Base Rate Policy in Offers

You configure base rate policies in Pay Setup > Base Rate Sets. For information, see “Configure Base Rate Policies” in the Dayforce Implementation Guide.

The following conditions need to be met before you can select a base rate policy and level to calculate the offer base value for the offer letter:

  1. The base rate policy needs to have an Update Base Rate rule configured under it.
  2. The Update Base Rate rule needs to have a base rate set configured.
  3. Note: If the base rate policy has multiple Update Base Rate Rules configured, the first one from the top is used to determine which rate set to display levels for.
  4. The base rate set needs to have levels configured under it.
  5. Each level needs to have at least one active ‘Set’ rate type configured under it, based on effective start and end dates. The set rate for the selected level is displayed in the Offer Base field. (Multiplier or incremental rate types are not applicable.)

If these conditions aren't met, a message tells users that no levels are available.

The offer start date specified by the user determines which rate type configured as ‘Set’ under the selected level is used in the offer. This offer start date must be within the rate type's effective start and end dates. If the user chooses a start date outside of these dates, a message tells them that no levels are available for the date they selected.