Assign Offer Letter Role Features for Recruiting

Letter Management Guide

Assign Offer Letter Role Features for Recruiting

The following role features for offer letter functionality are under Recruiting > Recruiting > Actions in the Features tab of System Admin > Roles:

  • Candidate Offer Status: Enables the Change Status link in the Applied Jobs tab of the candidate's profile in Recruiting. See Overview of Updating Offer Status.
  • Offer Letter: Enables the Offer button in the Candidates tab of Recruiting > Job Requisitions.
    • Offer Letter: Enables access to a workflow in the Select Workflow drop-down list of the Send a Letter wizard for offer letters in Recruiting.
    • Note: Dayforce displays a separate Offer Letter role feature for each workflow that is available for offer letters. See Enable Candidate Offer Letter Workflows for Roles.
    • Send Mass Offer. Provides access to the mass offer letter feature. The Offer button becomes a list, with the following choices: Mass Offer Letter and Individual Offer Letter.
    • Allow Edit on Review Screen. Enables users to edit the subject line and message body of offer letters.