Assign Letter Management Role Features

Letter Management Guide

Assign Letter Management Role Features

You can enable the following features for different roles in the Features tab of System Admin > Roles:

Letter Management: Enables the Letter Management feature in the navigation panel.

  • Branding Management: Enables Letter Management > Branding Management.
  • Decline and Rejection Reasons: Enables Letter Management > Decline and Rejection Reasons.
  • Distribution: Enables Letter Management > Distribution sub-feature.
    • Allow Edit At Preview: Allows you to edit the preview that is generated in the Send a Letter wizard launched from Letter Management > Distribution.
    • Letter Workflows: This role feature is only displayed when you add role privileges for letter workflows in Workflow Administration > Role Privileges. See Configure Letter Workflows.
      • Letter: Enables access to individual workflows.
    • Send Letter: Enables the Send a Letter button in Letter Management > Distribution.
    • View Internal Candidate Offers: Enables the ability for users to access Recruiting offer letters of the internal candidate employees to which they access in Dayforce in Letter Management > Distribution and the Employment > Letters screen of People once the letter has been sent, but before the candidate is hired to the new job. Otherwise, the letter isn’t displayed in these areas until the candidate is hired.
    • Note: Offer letters of external candidates aren’t displayed in these areas until the candidate is hired. At that point, they are then updated in Recruiting to be an internal candidate, and then subject to the same role feature requirements as described in the previous paragraph.
  • Letter Portal Management: Enables Letter Management > Letter Portal Management.
  • Template Designer: Enables Letter Management > Template Designer.
    • Include E-Signature in Letter: (Only applicable for letters with the Other Letters category) Enables the Require E-Signature checkbox in the General section of templates in the Templates tab of Letter Management >Template Designer.
    • Note: The e-signature step for templates with the Offer Letters category is enabled in Recruiting. See Configure E-Signatures for Letter Management Recruitment Offers.
    • Terminated Employee Letter: (Only applicable for letters with the Other Letters category) Enables the Terminated Employee Letter checkbox in Letter Management > Template Designer so that you can send letters to terminated employees.

You can also enable the following role features to allow the employee and users who have access to the employee to view letter history in the employee record:

  • The Letters role feature under Application Container > People > Employee Profile > Employment. This enables the Employment > Letters screen in People.
  • The Letters role feature under Profile > Profile Menu > Personal. This enables the Personal > Letters sub-tab of Profile.