Appendix: Text Editor Controls

Letter Management Guide

Appendix: Text Editor Controls

With these controls you can format text, which includes selecting font faces, sizes, colors, adding hyperlinks, and much more:

Text editor toolbar.

Text editor controls
Control Image Description
Undo, Redo Undo and redo controls. Undo or redo your last action.
Bold, Italic, Underline Bold, italics, and underline controls. Bold, italicize, or underline your text.

Fonts, Font size

Font style and font size controls.

Select a font style and font size in the drop-down lists.

Paragraph styles Paragraph styles control. Keep the default paragraph style or choose a paragraph style in the drop-down list.
Text color Text color control. Change the text color.

Various formatting options in the drop-down list

Additional editing options control.

Strikethrough: Display a line through your text.

Background Color: Choose or customize the background color.

Capitalization: Select the text to be uppercase, lowercase or title case.

Superscript: Apply superscript to text to make the text smaller and slightly above the normal line of type.

Subscript: Apply subscript to text to make the text smaller and slightly below the normal line of type.

Format Painter: Copy the format from some text and apply it to other text.

Clear formatting Clear formatting control. Clear formatting.
Bullet list, Numbered list Bullet list and numbered list controls. Insert a bulleted list or numbered list.
Decrease indent, Increase indent Decrease indent and increase indent controls. Indent text from the current position or decrease the indented text.
Alignment Text alignment controls. Align your text to the left or right margin, leaving the opposite margin ragged. Align your text to the center of the screen. Justify both margins so that neither margin is ragged.
Insert link Insert link control. With the necessary text highlighted, click this icon to add a link. You can also specify whether the link opens in the same window, a new window, the parent window, or the top-most window.
Insert table Insert table control. Insert a table.
Insert/edit image, Insert/edit media Insert image and insert video controls. Insert/edit an image. Insert or edit media.
Preview Preview contol. Preview your message.


Find and replace

Accessibility Checker

Anchor, find and replace, and accessibility checker controls.

Tag text to link it to a different section in the message.

Find and replace.

Check to see if Dayforce detects any accessibility issues in the message.

Full screen Fulll screen editor control. Use the text editor in full screen.

You can enhance your text editor in by enabling spell check. When you right-click in the editor window, select the spell check option from the menu. This way, you leverage your native browser to create and update content without spelling errors in your text editor. This functionality is supported in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge browsers. Each browser has its own way of enabling spell check and adding new languages, so you should reference each browser's knowledge page for additional guidance.