Add Letter Images

Letter Management Guide

Add Letter Images

To add an image:

  1. Go to Letter Management > Branding Management and click the Image Management tab.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Enter a name and description for the image.
  4. Note: A description of the image is required per the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The text is used by screen readers to ensure that people with disabilities using the letter portal are provided with descriptive information about the image.
  5. In the Image Type drop-down list, select one of the following options to define the type of image you are uploading:
    • Logo (Small) - 100 x 100: This is a small version of your logo that’s displayed on the login screens and privacy policy consent screens in your client career sites; it shouldn't exceed 100 x 100 pixels in size.
    • Logo (Large) - 200 x 200: This is a large version of your logo that’s displayed in the header of your client career sites; and in the Company Logo drop-down list in candidate offer letters; it shouldn't exceed 200 x 200 pixels in size.
  6. Depending on the image type that you select, Dayforce displays the Add a Logo (Small) button or the Add a Logo (Large) button in the Image section of the screen:
  7. Add a Logo (Large) button.
  8. Click the add button to open the Add Logo dialog box.
  9. Click Add File. The File Upload window opens.
  10. Go to the image that you want to upload, and then click Open. Dayforce shows the file name, file size, and document type in the add dialog box.
  11. Click Upload. Dayforce closes the Add Logo dialog box and adds the image to the Image section of the screen.
  12. Note: You can click the camera icon ( ) in the bottom-right corner of the uploaded image to modify your selection. Dayforce opens the upload dialog box again so you can select and upload a different image.
  13. Click Save.

You can create a copy of an existing image by selecting it in the sidebar and clicking Copy. You can also delete an existing image by selecting it in the sidebar and clicking Delete.

When you delete a logo that has already been used in an offer letter, saved to a template, or assigned to a client career site, it remains available in these locations. However, going forward, it won't be available to assign to new offer letters or client career sites.