Log in Using Authy Smartphone App

Identity Access Management (IAM) Mulitfactor Authentication (MFA) Guide Guide

Log in Using Authy Smartphone App

Log in Using Authy Smartphone App


Enter your username and password

Sign in page


Approve the notification sent from the Authy app to your phone

  • If you cannot see the notification on your phone, open the Authy app and click the bell icon to see pending notifications.

  • If you do not respond to the Authy app notification within 5 seconds IAM displays a message saying, “We didn’t hear from you.” This is not an expiration, and you can continue to approve the code that was sent. Alternatively, you can click the Try Again button to send another code.

  • Click Log in another way to log in with a mobile token, text, or a voice call

Approve login request


If logging in with a mobile token, enter the token from the Authy app

  • If logging in with SMS text or Voice Call the screen will appear with different text, however, you will still be prompted to enter a code.

Enter token from Authy app



Users are directed to the IAM Home page or the landing page of the partner application.