First Time Setup Using Authy Smartphone App

Identity Access Management (IAM) Mulitfactor Authentication (MFA) Guide Guide

First Time Setup Using Authy Smartphone App

First Time Setup Using Authy Smartphone App


Enter your username and password

Sign in page


Select MFA Method

  • Dayforce recommends Authy Smartphone App

  • You can also select SMS Text Message or Voice Call

Setup MFA select authentication method


Establish your Contact Information

  • Select your country code from the drop-down list and then enter your cell phone number

  • If you don’t have a cell phone, you can enter a land line number

  • Optionally enter a secondary number

Set Up Contact Information


Verify Your Phone Number

  • A one-time code is sent to the phone number you entered. Select how you would like to receive that code:

    • Text Message - a text message is sent your phone

    • Voice Call - a phone call is placed to your phone and an automated voice provides the code

Verify phone number


Enter the code you received

  • Enter the code that you received.

  • If you did not receive the code, click Resend code to resend the code to the same number.

  • Additionally, you can change the method of receiving the code by clicking the link below Resend code.

  • In our example, we chose to receive the code by text message, so the link shown provides the option to Receive a code by voice call instead.

Enter verification code


Install the Twilio Authy App from Apple App Store or Google Play Store (if using App for Authentication)

  • Install the Authy app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. Do not manually add accounts, they are added automatically during the verification process.

Be sure to look for the logo shown in the image to the right and verify that it is the Twilio Authy app when making your selection in the Apple or Google Play store.

Install Twillio Authy app


Once you have installed the Authy app, click Next.

  • In the Authy app on your phone, you will receive a security token. The token is valid for 20 seconds before a new code is generated.



Enter the code you received

  • On the Multifactor Authentication page, enter the security token in the text box.

  • You must enter the security token shown in the Authy app and click Next before the token expires.

Enter code from Authy



This completes the setup of MFA. Users are directed to the IAM Home page or the landing page of the partner application.