Accessing Your Account After Being Locked Out

Identity Access Management (IAM) Getting Started Guide

Accessing Your Account After Being Locked Out

You may be locked out of your account if you attempt to log in unsuccessfully too many times. The default number of unsuccessful login attempts allowed is 3, but your organization may change that number.

To access your account after being locked out, you must contact your system administrator. Your system administrator will send you either:

  • A Welcome email
  • An email with a new security code

If you receive a Welcome email, follow the same process as a first-time user. For more information, see See Logging in as a First Time User on page 1..

If you receive a new security code, use it to reset your password. You must also reset your secret questions and answers and your security image and password, if required, after being locked out.

To access your account after being locked out:

  1. In your email account, open the email that contains your security code and click the URL.

Security code email

The URL is blurred in this guide for security purposes. The URL is uniquely generated for each new user and is not blurred in the email you’ll receive.

  1. On the Security Code page, enter the security code you received in the email. To reduce the risk of entry errors, copy and paste the code from your email into IAM.

Enter security code

  1. Click Submit.
  2. On the Set New Password page, enter your email if it isn’t already entered, then enter your new password and enter it again to confirm it.

Set new password

  1. Click Save. A confirmation message appears stating that your password was changed successfully. IAM also sends an email to your email account that your password has been changed.
  2. Click OK to dismiss the confirmation message.
  3. On the Secret Questions page, select a question and enter an answer for each question.
    The same question cannot be selected more than once.

Secret questions

  1. Click Save.

The Home page appears with links to open your applications. You’ll see only the application icons for the applications to which access has been granted to your organization and user account.