Work > Shift Details

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Work > Shift Details

In Work > Shift Details, Dayforce shows the read-only details of your shifts, including your clock entries and pay summary. To expand the shift and view additional details, click the down arrow icon ():

Expanded shift record showing the scheduled and actual worked times and an activity.

You can’t edit your clock entry, meal, and break times in this sub-feature but, depending on your access, you might be able to waive meals, authorize shifts, review comments, and add comments to these shifts.

Dayforce marks shifts that have employee or manager comments with one of the following comment icons:

Comment icons
Icon Description
Employee comment icon. The shift contains an employee comment.
Manager comment icon. The shift contains a manager comment.
Employee and manager comment icon. The shift contains both an employee and manager comment.

To show the comments in a tooltip, hover the cursor over the icon. If a manager enters a comment for the shift in Timesheets and Schedules, Dayforce shows both comments:

Comment tooltip showing different manager comments from Timesheets and Schedules.