Employee Guide


In the Work feature, you can access important work information like your schedule, availability, and time away from work. 

Before You Begin: Depending on how Dayforce is configured, you might not see all of the sub-features listed here.

Work has the following sub-features:

  • Attendance (Year at a Glance): View detailed information about your annual attendance, including absences and the number of hours that you missed from work.
  • Calendar: View your worked and scheduled time in a convenient, calendar-based format.
  • Shift Details: View your shift details in a slide-out panel in the calendar view.
  • Time Away List: View and request time away from work.
  • Time Clock: Record your worked time by performing clock entries on an HTML-based clock.
  • Timesheet: Record your worked time in a grid format. This timesheet is for recording the duration of time that you work each day, rather than performing time entries (that is, recording the specific times that you’re starting your shift or taking your break).

Additionally, if your instance of Dayforce is configured for vacation bidding, you can review eligible vacation periods and submit vacation bids in some Work sub-features. See Vacation Bidding.

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