View and Edit Existing Requests

Employee Guide

View and Edit Existing Requests

In Work > Time Away List, Dayforce shows your existing requests:

Time Away List screen showing approved, cancelled, and denied time away requests.

To view more information about each request, click the expand icon (). For some pending requests, you can edit the details of the request directly from this expanded view:

  • Change the reason for the request by selecting a new reason in the Request drop-down list.
  • Edit the request start and end date by clicking the calendar icon and selecting new dates.
  • Edit the requested hours by clicking the Override Hours expand icon and entering the revised number of hours.
  • Cancel the request by clicking Cancel Request.

To view information about your available balances and expiring transactions, click Balances. To view the history of a request, click History.

Note: Depending on how Dayforce is configured, you might not be able to perform some of these actions, or access some of the views. For more information, contact your manager or your Dayforce administrator.

Filter Time Away Requests

You can filter time away requests by status. To filter your time away requests, select a status in the Select Status to Filter drop-down list. For example, to view only your approved time away requests, select Approved.