View Your Pending Vacation Bids

Employee Guide

View Your Pending Vacation Bids

If your submission round is still active, you can view your pending vacation bid requests in the Bidding Calendar View of Work > Calendar. Go to the appropriate month to view the eligible vacation period and your pending bids. Dayforce highlights your pending bids in orange:

Calendar showing a pending bid with orange highlighting on a calendar cell.

When the submission round ends and your request is approved, the day containing the pending bid is highlighted in green when you view the calendar using the Calendar Day, Week, and Calendar Month Views:

Calendar showing an approved bid with green highlighting on a calendar cell.

Note: Dayforce doesn’t show approved bids on the calendar when you use the Bidding Calendar View in Work > Calendar. The Bidding Calendar View is used during active submission rounds in a vacation bidding session. After a session concludes, Dayforce no longer shows your bids, bids made by other employees, and slot availability information for the session in the Bidding Calendar View.

You also might receive a notification that your request was approved or denied, depending on your organization’s configuration of Dayforce:

Vacation bidding request approved notification informing an employee about their approval.