View Your Competencies

Employee Guide

View Your Competencies

The My Competencies tab of Performance > Competencies is the main area for working on your own competencies. Here you can see the competencies that you're assigned to. While employees on your team, and throughout your organization, might be assigned to the same competencies, you see only your own information.

If your manager has assigned individual weights to your competencies, you can view them in the Weight column in the My Competencies tab.

The Weight column displays the most recent weight assigned to each competency in your performance review. If your manager sets weights earlier in the review process, you can see how much each competency counts toward the average rating.

The application also displays competency weights in the Details section of the competency slide-out panel.

Note: The application displays the rating from the most recent review assigned to you. If no weight was ever assigned, Dayforce displays N/A.