View Your Calendar

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View Your Calendar

In Work > Calendar, you can see when you’re scheduled to work. You can see your schedule as soon as your manager publishes it. Dayforce saves all of your past schedules so that you can see when you were scheduled to work several weeks or months ago.

Monthly calendar showing worked and future shifts, time away periods, paydays, and holidays.

Note: Depending on how far into the future your managers have set your schedule, future schedules might be empty.

You can also do the following in Work > Calendar:

  • View your previous, current, or upcoming schedule.
  • View your shift details.
  • Trade shifts by swapping directly with a particular coworker, posting shifts you want to give away, or by picking up a shift that another employee has posted.
  • View and modify your availability.
  • View your attendance.
  • Create time away requests.

When you click anywhere in the calendar, Dayforce shows a context-sensitive “actions list”:

Actions list showing options for creating time away requests, changing the view, and refreshing.

The list options vary, depending on which actions are valid for the selected day and which options your organization has enabled. For example, if you click a day in an availability blackout period, Dayforce doesn’t show the option to edit availability. Similarly, if you click a day that includes a time away request, Dayforce shows additional options to view, edit, or cancel the request.

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