View Your Attendance Scorecard

Employee Guide

View Your Attendance Scorecard

To view your attendance records, click Attendance > View attendance scorecard in the actions list. A slide-out panel opens, where you can view attendance information in the following tabs.

The Attendance Incidents Tab

Shows a list of the incidents that are contributing to your attendance record. To view more information about an incident, click the expand icon:

Attendance Incidents tab showing four absences.

The Attendance Violation Summary Tab

Shows your current progress toward various violations in a graphical format. In the Attendance Violation Progress as of Today section, you can expand each violation to view the contributing incidents by clicking the expand icon:

Attendance Violation Summary tab showing progress towards a written warning and termination.

In the Attendance Violation Point Graphs section, you can view a graphical representation of your violation progress:

Attendance Violation Summary tab showing an attendance violation point graph.

In the example above, the employee was fined four points. When the employee reaches six points, they will receive a second written warning based on their time and attendance policy.

The Violations Committed Tab

Shows any violations that have occurred. To view more information about a violation, click the expand icon:

Violations Committed tab showing an attendance violation and employee and manager comments.