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View Peer Reviews

When you open the slide-out panel for your reviews in Performance, you can view the comments and ratings from peer reviews that were completed for you in the Peer Review Ratings and Comments section:

Peer Review Ratings and Comments section highlighted in the review form.

If you want to see which of your peers have completed their review, click the down arrow to expand the Peer Reviews section of the review: 

Peer Reviews section showing the status of the requested peer reviews.

In this example, Newman Marshall didn't complete his peer review before the review was locked. This is indicated by the Review Locked status in the Status column. Additionally, Dayforce displays the names of some of the peer reviewers, but marks others as anonymous. This is because the Display ratings and comments anonymously checkbox was selected for some, but not all, peer types in the review cycle.

After all of your peer reviewers have submitted their ratings and comments, you can complete your review and click Submit. After you submit the review, your peers can no longer submit ratings and comments. If you haven't received the minimum number of peer reviews, the ratings that were submitted won't be included in your overall performance rating. If this is the case, Dayforce displays a confirmation dialog box to confirm that you want to continue with submitting the review even though you haven't received the minimum number of peer reviews.