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In Work > Timesheet, you can click Options to modify some view options in a dialog box. The following options are available in the Options dialog box:

Work > Timesheet view options
Setting Description
Show problem pane after timesheet is loaded

When you open the timesheet, the Problems panel might load automatically if you have at least one problem in your timesheet, or you might have to load the panel yourself to view problems. Whether the Problems panel loads automatically depends on how Dayforce is configured for your organization. However, you can override this configuration by clicking the Options button and either selecting or clearing the Show problem pane after timesheet is loaded checkbox.

Show Projects in Hierarchical View

Note: Depending on how your instance of Dayforce is configured, this setting might be unavailable.

This setting dictates whether Dayforce shows projects using a hierarchical view. When this checkbox is selected, the Project field contains a project icon () that you can click to open a project dialog box. In this dialog box, you can search for projects and view each parent project and child project that you have access to.

See Enter Worked Time against Projects.